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Thu, 05/14/2015 - 19:35
STL Activist Hub
Missouri House Speaker John Diehl resigned today after getting caught sexting with a 19-year old intern.  However, I think it's important to note that, at least according to quite a few people who have worked in Jefferson City, this is not an...
Tue, 04/07/2015 - 08:46
Today is April 7th, Election Day!  20th Ward residents vote at Froebel School, 3709 Nebraska, and 9th Ward residents vote at Booth Manor, 3131 Iowa.  Polls close at 7pm! Look up your polling place here:
Thu, 05/29/2014 - 18:23
STL Activist Hub
Good segment on Chris Hayes exposing James O'Keefe's dishonest editing: This isn't a surprise for those of us who paid attention, but it is a particularly nice example. And why is this relevant for St. Louis?  The local tea party fever that came and...
Wed, 12/18/2013 - 20:00
STL Activist Hub
@MOEducation, the Twitter feed for the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) posted a link today to a story by a Kansas City group called "Do The Right Thing For Kids:" The post was full of the usual, "if caring about children...
Tue, 12/17/2013 - 23:39
STL Activist Hub
Remember when tea partiers were completely humiliated during their fabricated story about evil "union thugs" brutally beating a guy selling tea party merchandise?  One of the tea party's alleged "witnesses" of the "brutal beating" was Harris Himes,...
Mon, 12/16/2013 - 10:56
STL Activist Hub
Dale Singer has a nice story up at the newly merged St. Louis Public Radio/Beacon site on the Nicastro controversy.  There's a lot in there, so please read the whole thing, but here are a few highlights: Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal says that...
Wed, 12/11/2013 - 21:51
STL Activist Hub
Republican Jay Barnes wrote a blog post claiming that the Nicastro scandal wasn't really a scandal because, I guess, unions are bad, and they have secret bad motives.  How exactly the claim that unions are big meanies gets Nicastro off the hook for...
Wed, 12/11/2013 - 09:59
STL Activist Hub
The Kansas City schools scandal with Missouri Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro is worse than it is being portrayed in many media outlets.  Not only did Nicastro originally try for a no-bid contract to CEE-Trust and promise a job to a guy before...
Sun, 12/08/2013 - 17:31
STL Activist Hub
Another scandal for the Missouri Commissioner of Education. Strange. I seem to remember Rex Sinquefield's front group CEAM actively rooting for the failure of the Kansas City public schools as well.
Wed, 11/27/2013 - 20:08
STL Activist Hub
This was a while ago, but in case you missed it, Larry Conners lost a lawsuit. Then he lost it again. I predict he will lose many such lawsuits.